Tim Tebow Still Assaulting Sheds in Batting Practice

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The other quarterback participating in spring training, Tim Tebow, remains hitless in two games since returning from a sprinkler head scare, but no worries, he’s still delivering the goods in batting practice.
MLB.com Mets beat writer Anthony Dicomo continues his stellar work on HR Tim’s BP prowess, illustrating today which shed Tebow put a pounding on. He reportedly even wowed a teammate with the moonshot:

Tebow has gone 0-4 combined in games against the Astros and Braves, though he did get fans buzzing after an opposite field flyout on Tuesday:

We lightly mock Tim, but at least he’s actually playing in games unlike the wacko from the Seahawks who’s doing nothing but hitting BP, taking groundballs (to the face), and telling people to drink water to deal with concussions.

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