Russell Wilson's Concussion Advice to Clint Frazier: Drink Water

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Remember when Russell Wilson was pushing his Recovery Water snake oil and giving interviews on how drinking that water helped prevent him a concussion? Yeah, three years later it looks like Wilson is still dishing his expert takes on head injuries — this time, to fellow teammate Clint Frazier.

Frazier was concussed over the weekend after slamming into a wall twice.’s Bryan Hoch tweeted about the headache issues Frazier has been having ever since:

So that doesn’t sound great for Frazier both physically and professionally as he’s trying to make a team already loaded with outfielders (Stanton, Judge, Gardner, Ellsbury, and Hicks). But fortunately he has concussion expert Wilson around to give him advice on what do to… drink water!
From ESPN’s Cole Harvey:

“I talked to Russell and he told me to drink a ton of water. I think I’ve drank a gallon at least today,” Frazier said. “By what he described, that’s what they do in the NFL. I feel alive right now. Maybe I was lacking water, I don’t know.”

Before taking Wilson’s advice, he had trouble finishing meals. He’d stop eating with three-quarters of his plate still full of food. After more thoroughly hydrating, Frazier was able to finish his customary breakfast of three scrambled eggs with cheese, ham, pancakes and hash browns.
“I’m trending in a better direction than I felt like I was this morning,” he said.

Truly groundbreaking advice here to stay hydrated. What a miracle. Now all Frazier needs to do is drink a case of Recovery Water and he’ll never have to deal with brain injuries again. Maybe.

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