Texas A&M Gave Jimbo Fisher A Dateless National Championship Plaque

What do you give a head football coach that you just gave $75 million to over the next 10 years before he’s even coached a game? Well, of course, you award him with a make-believe, future national championship that will hopefully happen at some point. That’s what A&M did with this plaque that they gave Jimbo Fisher. A National Championship plaque left blank that will be filled in on a date to be named later.
The best part about this imaginary national championship that Texas A&M gave their coach, is that the entire internet now has this photo in their back pocket ready to break out at a moment’s notice. A&M blows a game, guess what picture is flooding your timeline? A&M literally set themselves up to be meme’d into oblivion next football season.
If you want a little more backstory to this, you can check it out in this video, where the A&M Chancellor gave Jimbo his fake championship plaque on stage.

Also, can we talk about the confidence in A&M to only leave 2 digits open on the plaque? Remember, this is a program that hasn’t won a National Championship since 1939 (!). Hitler invaded Poland that year, Gone with the Wind and The Wizard of Oz were tearing up the box office. What makes you think they’re going to win one this century?

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