Joel Embiid and LeBron James Appear To Have a Cordial Relationship

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Poor Cleveland fans can’t go one day without worrying about LeBron James‘ future. Having the best player of all time should be a treat. Instead they’ve got ESPN pushing Lakers rumors every other week, and now Philadelphia fans trying to seduce The King with billboards on his own turf. A gesture he found “dope,” by the way.

The not-so-low-key recruiting process has continued tonight, as Joel Embiid and LeBron have been acting super chummy. Typically The Process wants to embarrass guys… that isn’t the goal for this game:
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If I’m a Cavs fan I’m pissed — that’s about three embraces too many for my taste. Not to mention there will probably be a very public postgame gathering with Ben Simmons. TNT will zoom in on it, and it will be the top topic on First Take and every talking head show on Friday.

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