Joe Buck All Smiles At His (And Michelle's) Baby Shower

I assume you’ve been following along with our #BuckBoys Watch where we track all the happenings with the Joe & Michelle Buck pregnancy. For those who are new to this Watch, Joe & Michelle (you’ve seen her work at NFL Network and ESPN), they’re expecting twins and going through the whole baby bump process.
Joe, 48 (turns 49 in April), was all smiles over the weekend at the baby shower that looked like a political fundraising party. Jim Edmonds, 47, whose wife is also expecting twin boys, was there fake acting like he was having a great time. FWIW, there’s no sign of Troy Aikman at the party.
I’m still trying to find a baby registry for these two. I’d definitely like to send something for the Buck boys, a couple of go-getters who’ll be broadcasting the Super Bowl together when I’m 70 & yelling at the TV.
That brings me to the question that I can’t get out of my head: Which Buck boy gets the top broadcasting gig on Fox Sports Go 23 years from now when everything is digital and Fox Sports is gone from your TV? Is it possible that one of the Buck Boys doesn’t get into broadcasting? Does Joe play favorites with one of them that seems to be a better fit in the broadcast booth with one of Edmonds’ boys?
So much to unpack here.

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