ESPNer Dan Dakich Goes In On Marvin Bagley III

Duke and Virginia Tech are still battling it out, but it’s safe to say the biggest takeaway from this game is that ESPN’s Dan Dakich hates Marvin Bagley, to say the least. Dakich absolutely skewered the freshman, who recently returned from a knee sprain, labeling him both selfish and a black hole on offense in quite the rant:

Dan Dakich just blistered Marvin Bagley: “I know this is blasphemy,” Dakich said. “But Bagley is all about Bagley. I mean honest to goodness I can see in 18 minutes why Duke was able to go on a run when he was hurt. You hate to say that about a kid but he is about himself.”

— Bob Holliday (@WRALBobHolliday) February 27, 2018

More from Dakich on Bagley:”The Ball, it doesn’t come out. He doesn’t play defense. He’s a terrific talent don’t get me wrong. But you can see real clear, real fast, and I’ll take all the shots people want to give me, you can see he is about him.”

— Bob Holliday (@WRALBobHolliday) February 27, 2018

For those who still don’t have their college hoops legs under them, Bagley is only averaging 21 points and 11 rebounds this season. ESPN’s Jonathan Givony projects him to be taken fifth in his latest 2018 NBA Mock Draft.

I’d get all pissed like Duke fans, but it’s probably not worth taking the guy who has this Chris Farley poll pinned on Twitter too seriously:

Was Chris Farley funny? Only those over 40 allowed to respond

— Dan Dakich (@dandakich) February 26, 2018