Joe Buck Got Ready For NFC Title Game By Photographing His Pregnant Wife At The Pool

Joe Buck had the call of his life Sunday when Stefon Diggs scored on the walk-off touchdown grab in Minnesota. How did Joe come down off of that high and get ready for this Sunday’s NFC title game in Philadelphia? He and the wife, pregnant with twin Buck boys, hit up the Madison Club in La Quinta, California to recharge the batteries before the Foles-Keenum battle.

Joe also did some IG work (above, Michelle in the pool). You know how the modern husbands roll these days – gotta get an IG sesh in so the girlfriend, side piece or Mrs. will have ammo to lock & load when she’s on the plane ride home.

Of course Joe, 48, was in the comments slapping his own back, knowing full well taking a photo for a wife pregnant with twins is the least he can do before jetting off for some top-notch pigskin. I still don’t know how Buck’s going to pull this off. TWINS! He’ll be 49 with a new pair of babies. I guess you just hire a bunch of maids, get a couple nannies, personal chef, landscapers and a personal driver. Zero chance my ass, at 49, would be getting out of bed at 3:20 a.m. to change diapers.

Think of all the work Buck’s put into his career to get to this point. You have to farm it all out. I tell her to pay whatever it takes.

Vikings-Eagles…6:40 ET Sunday…it’s all on the line…Buck-Aikman-Pageviews-Pereira.

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