Russian Curlers Anastasia Bryzgalova, Alexander Krushelnitsky Stripped of Bronze Medals–pHFR6/

So much for Russian curler Anastasia Bryzgalova being one of the breakout stars of the Winter Olympics. She and her partner/husband, Alexander Krushelnitsky, instead will be headed back to the motherland in disgrace after a drug test revealed Alexander tested positive Meldonium (twice).

As a result of the drug violation, the two have been stripped of their bronze medals. The Court of Arbitration of Sport released the following statement today:

The athlete has accepted a provisional suspension beyond the period of the Games and reserved his rights to seek the elimination or reduction of any period of ineligibility based on “no fault or negligence” following the conclusion of the Games.
The amendment of the official ranking of the mixed doubles curling event and the reallocation of the bronze medal is of the responsibility of the WCF and the IOC.

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So who gets those bronze medals now that Anastasia and Alexander have been disqualified? That would be the Norwegian team of Magnus Nedregotten and Kristin Skaslien, who lost to the shady Russians 4-8 in the bronze medal match. They were expectedly pissed about the development (via The Guardian):

“Knowing that they may have had an advantage against us in our games through cheating feels horrible,” he said. “If he is found guilty, then they’ve robbed us of our moment of glory, receiving our medal in the stadium. That’s not cool. That’s hard to accept, feeling that you’ve been kept out of the light.

It’s worth noting the Russians have some wild conspiracy theories on the positive tests, which include: sabotage by an enemy country, or an unnamed bitter teammate spiking Alexander’s food or drink because he didn’t get to go to PyeongChang.

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