NASCAR's Kyle Petty Talks Ponytail And Wants To Help Veterans With Their Taxes

Johnny Manziel has created a new #ComebackSZN hashtag that you guys love. There are other SZNs as well, and this Sunday the NASCAR SZN kickoffs with the Daytona 500.
Former driver and current NBC analyst Kyle Petty and Brian Ashcraft from Liberty Tax stopped by to talk about how Liberty Tax is helping veterans who suffered service-ending combat-related injuries reclaim money that the government has overtaxed them.
BC and The Patch were also able to slide in and ask Kyle the hard-hitting journalistic questions that we are known for:

  • How is Kyle’s ponytail, the most famous ponytail in all of sports? Is it back? Is it ready for 2018?
  • Obscenely early who will win the 2018 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup?
  • Who is the face of NASCAR? Per KP, “The face used to have whiskers on it, now its got a little peach fuzz.”
  • When was the last time Kyle drank a Mello Yellow his primary sponsor from his racing days.
  • Kyle talks recent engagement and his new acoustic jam band.
  • Has Kyle even filed his taxes yet?

More than 130,000 combat-injured veterans soon will receive letters notifying them that they were overtaxed on their disability severance payments. To see how Liberty Tax can help you, check out

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