Meet Russian Curler Uliana Vasileva

Is there another Russian curler to look out for now that Anastasia Bryzgalova’s PyeongChang campaign has concluded? We’re happy to say the answer is, “Yes!” That’s vice-skip Uliana Vasileva in the gallery above, she’s competing in the women’s round robin event — the Olympic Athletes from Russia are currently 1-1.
According to her Olympics profile, she randomly got into the sport “by accident” and didn’t know anything about it:

“I got into curling by accident. I was at home when [Russian curler] Alina Kovaleva called me and suggested I try myself in curling. I went to the Russian under-19 championships without knowing the rules and having no idea about this sport.”

Uliana won a gold medal at the 2016 Euro Curling Championships with Team Russia.

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