Johnny Manziel Comeback SZN Hoodies Are Dropping Very Soon

So there’s still no news on whether Johnny Manziel will be taking his talents up the border to play for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. The last we heard was that Johnny and his agent, Erik Burkhardt, were hoping for a “fair deal.” They have until Jan. 31 to convince the Tiger-Cats to pony up $500K.

Though we may not have Johnny Canada (yet), we can tell you guys that the much-hyped COMEBACK SZN hoodies may be dropping soon. Johnny posted an IG story last night and captioned “Hoodies Friday… stay tuned” while singing along to Chris Brown. The return is so real — you can’t release comeback merch and not actually comeback, right?

Will you cave and burn $50+ on this Comeback SZN hoodie? My answer was a hard no until I saw the money hands on the sleeve. Now I’m on the fence.