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I’m all in on the Cutler’s reality show

Apparently, it’s really Kristin Cavalarri’s show about her life and fashion work, but if you ask me that still means Jay Cutler will be around and involved. He’ll be making appearances. We’re also not 100% sure if he’s playing again next year, so that could just mean even more TV time for Cutty. Details from TMZ:

Sources connected to the project tell us the show will focus on Kristin’s life in Nashville as she expands her fashion empire.

Our sources say Cavallari’s NFL star husband, Jay Cutler, will appear in the show, but it’s really about Kristin. The show is currently in production and we’re told it’s expected to air on E! later this year.

The 31-year-old mom recently said she would never put her 3 kids on a reality show — unclear if she plans on sticking by those words for this project since it seems to be pretty tame and family-oriented.

I’m expecting it’ll just be grumpy Jay around the house doing dad shit while Cavalarri is the star.

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LeBron James – Where play next year? [via bovada]
Rockets +250
Cavs +275
Lakers 5/1
Warriors 6/1
Pistons 10/1
76ers 10/1
T'Wolves 12/1
Spurs 14/1
Bucks 15/1
Knicks 16/1

— RJ Bell (@RJinVegas) February 9, 2018

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Have a drink of BBB water. #GloBBBal pic.twitter.com/1hjlUCxzUk

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My roommate is the emergency backup goalie for the @NYRangers and this is the jersey they stick him with 😂 pic.twitter.com/UzTGNvToFe

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Amateur sketch from witness helps Pa. police identify theft suspect https://t.co/XIcGiK9bWS pic.twitter.com/7gAdIW7Hwa

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