The #CheersToHockey Friday Show Sponsored By Labatt Blue

It was my return to the normal Friday Show with Bellino and he wanted to argue about the NBA. He wanted to go round and round about how this Cavs trade was this incredible piece of work by the Cavs GM after he’d bashed the front office for months and months.
Look, we all know that all 20 trades or whatever the Cavs pulled, were the work of LeBron. The GM clearly tells Bron Bron what they can get and then allows The King to say yes or no. This is Bron being the corporate decision maker. This is his life after basketball.
And you know he has final say on these trades.
We also go at it over the lack of attendance in Detroit where Blake Griffin was brought in to save Pistons basketball. New arena (sharing it) and nobody goes to the games. I don’t care if they say the attendance is 17,000 a game. That’s a lie.
Bellino claims the fans will show up once they start winning consistently. That’s a sad indictment against NBA fans. How am I supposed to take the regular season serious if the hardcore fans don’t bother going to the games. It’s clear that NBA fans would rather go to a bar, sit at home, etc. and watch clips of the games. Give them a 10-second clip on Snap & they’re happy.

BC superfan Zac will pretty much do whatever we ask him to do. Bellino suggested someone jump in snow and show us how bad they want one of the Labatt box sets. Zac had a video sent in within minutes. Right out the back door and into the snow.

Chunkfat is also a winner. Guy is a legit hockey fan…always at Columbus Blue Jackets games…always loyal to this great country.

Phil’s a Labatt box set winner. Challenged him to get out and battle the snow for a box set and he came through. Real hustler.

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