700,000 People Attended The Eagles Super Bowl Parade, Only 2 People Stabbed

Now that the Eagles Super Bowl parade is officially over and people are finally coming down off their benders, the numbers are starting to roll in on all things from attendance to arrests. You guys saw all the craziness yesterday and Sunday night and even 3 weeks ago. Philly fans are on another level right now, so I was interested to see some of these numbers.

We’ll start with attendance. We’re getting reports of around 700,000 at yesterday’s parade, which fans are already calling B.S. on and saying is way too low. From Philly.com:

The result: An estimated total of close to 700,000 Eagles faithful attended Thursday’s parade, according to a team of crowd-safety experts at Manchester Metropolitan University in England.
That is well shy of the two million figure that was tossed around in some unofficial pre-parade projections — and the true number may be even lower, because some parade-goers were likely counted twice (though people watching the event from indoor vantage points would not be included).

I’m actually in agreement with them. I’m no Sean Spicer, but this sure looks like it could more than 700,000.

The good news for Philly is that in all of those people – 700,000 or more – only 2 stabbings and one assault on a police officer! From CBS Philadelphia:

Philadelphia officials say two people were stabbed, an officer was assaulted and four police vehicles sustained minor damage during the Eagles’ Super Bowl parade.
Philadelphia Police Department Commissioner Richard Ross on Friday said there was some “small hiccups,” including two arrests, in a relatively peaceful celebration Thursday of the Eagles’ first Super Bowl title. He says both stabbing victims survived and that the two arrests were for assaults.

I count that as a win. All in all, a pretty successful day for Philadelphia if you ask me.

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