Cowboys Fan Uses His Obituary To Declare Once Again That ‘Dez Caught It’

There have been certain moments in recent NFL history that have led us to the disaster of a catch rule that we’re dealing with now. Literally nobody knows what a catch is anymore. One week refs interpret the rule this way and the next a different way and it’s screwed teams over time and time again. God forbid a moment like that pop up in a big game like the Super Bowl tomorrow.

The first play that everyone seems to agree on was the catalyst for all of this was the Calvin Johnson catch-no-catch in Chicago. But that was a TD in week one of the regular season, so while it confused everyone, it blew over.

But then the Dez catch-no-catch happened in the NFC divisional round back in 2014 in front of millions of people and it immediately flipped this whole thing on its head. The majority of people outside of Green Bay agree that Dez did, in fact, catch the ball. It’s clear as day. He caught it, dove for the end zone and then ball popped out. That ruined the Cowboys chance at going to the NFC Championship, created years worth of internet jokes and misery for Cowboys fans.

And they still haven’t let it go. I don’t blame them. It was an all-time screw job. Check out this obituary from a Cowboys fan this week. Death can’t even make him let go of it.

Robert Clyde Drew, beloved husband, father, and Papa, drew his last breath January 25, 2018, mainly, we suspect, to prevent himself from having to watch the Patriots and Eagles in the Superbowl. A loyal Cowboys fan, he died peacefully with his daughter by his side, knowing full well that Dez, did, in fact, catch the ball.

Anytime you can dunk of the officials from beyond the grave, you have to do it. It’s a nice switch up from the other sports fans obituaries we normally see with fans taking shots at their own teams. Love the little shot at the Eagles and Patriots as well.

Courtesy: Dignity Memorial

The obit guest book is also riddled with Cowboys fans supporting the cause

Courtesy: Dignity Memorial

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