Friday Show Live From The Super Bowl: Devin Hester, Sophie Julia, Ian Rapoport, Bruce Gradkowski & More!

We said there would be guests on our Super Bowl trip this year and I think this was a great start to the day.

There were those who said BC would never be able to gain access to Radio Row (got lucky there), get a sponsor to pay for the coverage (thanks Autotrader) and then execute it all, but here we are with what I think is a pretty damn fun show.

Devin Hester heard one of Paul’s questions wrong. Joe Thomas told us about how he fishes Lake Erie. Sophie Julia answered ridiculous questions from BC fans and Will Brinson put in a performance for the ages. My mom enjoyed the show and wasn’t disgusted so that’s a bright spot.

The guest list:

• Devin Hester

• Will Brinson

• Sophie Julia

• Travis Kelce’s voice

• Ian Rapoport

• Andrew Hawkins

• Joe Thomas

• Bruce Gradkowski

• Melvin Gordon

• Logan Woodside

• Lance Moore