Pornhub Gives Philly Police A Solution To Keeping Eagles Fans From Climbing Poles Sunday

All the talk out of Philly this week outside of the game itself is how the city plans on stopping Eagles fans from their path of destruction that is inevitably coming this weekend. Win or lose, it’s going to be mayhem in the streets on Sunday night. They win and it’s a joyous celebration of the first Super Bowl win in Eagles history that leaves the city in ruins. They lose and it’s army of angry Eagles looking to destroy anything and everything in their path, leaving the city in ruins. One way or another it’s happening.
So Philly police have been scheming and strategizing all week on how they plan to contain this. The Crisco’d the poles for the NFC Championship and that didn’t stop fans from scaling them with ease. This time around they apparently have a secret weapon, something much slicker than Crisco, to keep these animals off the poles.

But in case that doesn’t work, we have a third alternative courtesy of our friends at PornHub. Someone has a problem? PornHub has the solution. Yesterday, they heard about the City of Philadelphia’s little issue and offered to help. A little lube might do the trick.

It can’t hurt to try. I’m willing to be it works like a charm. Pornhub continues to be the gift that keeps on giving

Let us not forget how badly the Crisco got dominated…the lube might actually work

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