Philly Police Has a Secret Recipe That Will Make Climbing Light Poles "Difficult" For Eagles Fans

Crisco failed to keep drunken Eagles fans from climbing up light poles after their NFC Championship Game triumph over the Vikings (see above), so the grease is officially out for Super Bowl Sunday. Philadelphia Police commissioner Richard Ross confirmed that in a Tuesday press conference:

However, that doesn’t mean fans have the green light to mount light poles should their team upset the Patriots. Ross mentioned they have come up with some sort of secret concoction that will make life difficult for fans (via CBS Pittsburgh):

Asked Tuesday whether police have found something slicker, Commissioner Richard Ross said, “We think so.”
He promised that whatever police do, “it will be safe … but it will be effective.” He says climbing poles this Sunday “will be far more difficult” than when they used a vegetable oil product, which weather can affect.

Meanwhile CBS Philly reports there will be a “very, very large number of police officers” tasked with keeping fans in check in the event of a mass Super Bowl celebration. Probably a smart move after what we saw a couple weeks ago…

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