Patriots Fan Pulls The Trigger On Super Bowl Tattoo, Says He'll Just Add An 'I' If They Lose

Football fan tattoos are fun when it’s a team that hasn’t won anything and you have some psycho fan putting his nuts on the table and going for broke with a championship prediction. You see these all the time and we post them all the time.
Remember this Georgia fan earlier in the season?

He was literally a play away from becoming a legend in Athens. But when you have guys like this Pats fan adding another Super Bowl tattoo to his collection, I normally can’t stand it. We get it, man, your team wins a lot. Give me more Bills Mafia tattoos.
But after hearing the cockiness come out of this guy’s mouth and I couldn’t help but respect him. Over the weekend, he got his LII tat predicting another win Sunday and he has a plan B if things go wrong.

“I’m pretty confident they’re going to win,” Ferrini said. “I mean my friends have always thought I was nuts.”
“A lot of people thinking I jinxed it, but I don’t believe in that kind of thing so I think we’ll be all set,” Ferrini said.
Truth is, when Ferrini strolled into a New Hampshire tattoo parlor, the artist tried to dissuade him because a “David Tyree” moment on Sunday might make Ferrini’s new ink wishful thinking, despite his Roman numeral backup plan.
“If they do lose, they’re going to win next year,” Ferrini said. “Add another ‘I’ on the end.”

The thing is, he’s not wrong. They probably will win it next year. Must be nice to have that kind of confidence in your squad.

Also respect him for just embracing the weird fan tattoo life

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