Cocky Georgia Fan Pulls The Trigger On This Tattoo

They’re starting to feel it in Athens, Georgia where the Bulldogs are 6-0 and have one real road block left — at Auburn — between them and what should be a showdown with Bama for the Final Four.

Or is this the year the SEC gets two teams because the Big 12 is pretty much out at this point? Joel Klatt raises a legitimate question. Would a loss to Bama be enough to knockout the Dawgs? I wouldn’t think so.

Before we get there, let’s look at how huge that November 11 game at Auburn will be. The Tigers have that one loss to Clemson. That’s where I get the feeling the dream ends for Georgia, making the UGA national championship tattoo a relic to bad bar night decision making.

That said, I appreciate that Georgia is actually competent in the East. At least Bama won’t drop 54 on Florida in the SEC Championship. We’re due for an actual challenge to the Bammers.

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