Patriots Superfan Mark Wahlberg Says He’d Be Fine If The Eagles Won the Super Bowl

Noted Patriots fan Mark Wahlberg deservedly caught some heat after last year’s Super Bowl for bailing when it looked like his beloved Pats were going to get blown out. Mark recently told everyone he left because of his son’s potty mouth, but he’s not fooling us here by shifting blame onto his kid.

Fortunately for Mark, this Super Bowl is apparently a “win-win” for him because he has an Eagles side after playing Vince Papale in Invincible. He told Rich Eisen and Suzy Shuster of the “Not Just Sports” podcast he still wants the Pats to win, but that he’d be okay if it goes Philly’s way (via USA Today):

“To be honest, I think the Patriots win by 17,” Wahlberg told Shuster and Eisen, also host of the Rich Eisen Show on Audience Network. “But if the Eagles win I am telling you I would be fine. If it was anybody else I would be devastated.”

“How excited I am that the Eagles are in the Super Bowl, having played Vince Papale, having played an Eagle, having become an honorary Philadelphian, been welcomed by the Philadelphia fans as one of their own. I have made five movies in Philadelphia and I predicted the Eagles would make it to the Super Bowl. It is my Patriots and Eagles and I couldn’t be happier. I am very excited. It is win-win.”