LaVar Ball is Done With ESPNers Jeff Goodman and Ramona Shelburne

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It appears LaVar Ball is in need of new media mouthpieces, as he revealed he’s no longer interested in talking to ESPN reporters Jeff Goodman and Ramona Shelburne during an interview on ESPN LA radio Monday morning. You might remember Jeff was in Lithuania for the Ball Family’s arrival earlier this month, but he apparently pissed off the Big Baller Brand head with his Luke Walton story.

“Sheisty” was LaVar’s go-to word to describe Goodman, who he says was out seeking clicks with the Walton story that caused a bit of a firestorm for the Lakers. More from The Big Lead:

“I sent Jeff Goodman home early,” Ball said. “Otherwise he would have still been out here. But how are you going to be out here if I won’t interview with you no more? You got to come home.”
“He ain’t my guy no more,” Ball answered. “I’ll never ever EVER do an interview with that guy again. He’s sheisty, and I see that. He wanted to go that route. I told him, ‘You can do what you want, say what you want, you just gotta suffer the consequences whether they be good or bad.’”
“He did the story he wanted to write, tried to finagle things,” Ball continued. “Guess what? He’s out of the picture now. He can’t come close to my family.”

ESPN disputes LaVar and claims Jeff came home as schedule after the Ball Boys’ Lithuanian debut. Goodman appears to be glad to be free of this madness judging from his recent, “Great day,” tweet.

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