Illinois High School Player Buried A Full-Court Miracle Shot At The Buzzer


This right here is one of those shots that will make legends out of high school kids. Yeah, it might’ve been a regular season game, but when you sink a game-winner from the opposite free throw line off a rebound, you’re going down in history at your school.

To make it even better, this kid is only a freshman. He’s got 3 more years to ride to the wave of this shot. Automatic king status when he walks through those halls. Not to mention he’s already a legit prospect.

Save some poon for the rest of the school, buddy.

That answered prayer also landed him a spot as the #1 play last night on SportsCenter. SC doesn’t mean as much as it used to, but the Top Ten still plays. You land at that #1 spot and you have something to hang your hat for the rest of your life.

This kid knew it was money from the moment it was released

Another angle… Rec Specs FOR THE WIN

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