Ricky Stenhouse Jr. Asked About Danica Patrick And Aaron Rodgers For The First Time










About a week and a half ago, Danica Patrick gave us confirmation that her and Aaron Rodgers are officially official after rumors about the two had been swirling across the internet for a while. This comes directly on the heels of her break up with fellow NASCAR driver Ricky Stenhouse Jr., who she had been dating for 4-plus years.

The new couple still hasn’t made a public appearance together and the only time we’ve seen them since this news was a sneaky photo taken at a Mexican restaurant in Arizona. Danica is the only one that’s gone public, Rodgers has yet to comment on the relationship, and up until this week, Ricky Stenhouse Jr. hasn’t commented either.
But since it is the NASCAR media tour this week, we knew the question was coming at some point. Things got a little awkward when a reporter finally had the balls to ask him about it.


That silence after the “no” is deafening.

He did say he won’t be racing any different against Danica when the 500 rolls around

“I don’t think I’ll race any different. I try to respect everybody around me, especially at those speedway races. You don’t really want to put anybody in a bad spot because you put the whole field in a bad spot. I think I’ll go out and race just like I’m racing everybody else and see how it plays out. Heck, when we first started racing together we got in crashes anyway, so it is what it is. I’ll just go out and compete as hard as I can, and I plan on putting myself in a position to win the race.”

He clearly doesn’t want to play into Danica’s PR stunt


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