The Aaron Rodgers-Danica Patrick Thing Now Makes Sense…She Needed Publicity For Her Return To Indy 500

It all adds up now. The Danica Patrick-Aaron Rodgers relationship thing is just part of her 2018 marketing push. Of course it’s all a huge sham. This entire week has been a huge sham from her PR team. It was revealed this morning that Danica will compete in the Daytona 500 and Indy 500 for GoDaddy and that will be it for her racing season. She claims this will be it for her racing career.

Let’s recap this week for Danica’s PR machine:

• Over the weekend a photo is leaked to TMZ of Danica and Aaron Rodgers at a Scottsdale Mexican restaurant

• Monday morning that becomes a big national story

• Monday afternoon Danica confirms to the AP (like it’s some huge international news) that she’s dating Rodgers

• Her appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast drops Tuesday where she announces she froze eggs way before Rodgers came into her life

• Wednesday Danica IGs that she’s working on a book shoot, says a site is coming

• Thursday drops the news that she’s reuniting with GoDaddy for the ‘Danica Double’

That’s how it’s done, college students. All perfectly executed like the pro that Danica is. And don’t be shocked if she miraculously ends up back with Ricky Stenhouse by the Coke Zero 400 at Daytona in July when Rodgers goes into full football mode. Danica and Ricky will reconcile and she’ll be in his pits being all supportive.

GoDaddy had a blog ready to go today:

More from GoDaddy’s PR machine:

As an entrepreneur on the rise, Danica will be bringing the same drive and determination she’s had on the tracks to the world of fitness, apparel and wine — and GoDaddy will be right beside her. With her already well-established brand and GoDaddy’s mission to transform people’s ideas and initiatives into tangible results, she couldn’t be more prepared.

My guess is that there will be a GoDaddy Super Bowl commercial where it’ll be a Danica in her racing suit transforming into business woman Danica like Superman going to work. This is all too easy to predict at this point.

And women will be sucked in. They’ll want the book. They’ll want to hear her on Ellen talk about her fake relationship with Aaron Rodgers. They’ll want to see her cook because she’s skinny AF because she doesn’t have much going on besides working out. She’ll also be at Radio Row for the Super Bowl. Bank on it. Never been so sure of a lock in my life. She’ll do the Fox sets to promote the 500 and then scoot over to ESPN to promote Indy on ABC.

Anyway, buckle up. Danica’s going to have a super busy first half of 2018.

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