Police Called To Kansas Basketball Dorm On A Die-Hard Jayhawks Fan Wanting "To Give Free Throw Advice" To The Players


Allow me to introduce you to quite possibly the biggest Kansas basketball fan on the planet. We don’t know his name and we don’t know anything about him, however, what we do know is this man knows how to shoot free throws and clearly he’s automatic from the charity stripe.
Yesterday, afternoon this fan, who just wanted to offer up a few tips to the players, who could use any help right about now when it comes to free throws. But what do they do? Instead of taking the sage advice from this dedicated fan, they call the cops on him.
Details from the Lawrence Journal-World:

University of Kansas police were called to the men’s basketball dorm Wednesday afternoon, where a man reportedly kept showing up to give a resident there some “free-throw advice.”
The call about the man “wanting to give free-throw advice” came in about 3:30 p.m., but when police got to McCarthy Hall, the man — who’s not a KU student — had already left, KU police Deputy Chief James Anguiano said. For that reason, at least as of about an hour after the call, police didn’t plan to file a trespassing or other criminal report, Anguiano said. (Radio traffic indicated the man had been there multiple times that day before the police were called, and may have come back again just before 5 p.m. Note: Subject’s clothing description included a blue and red windbreaker.)

The red, white and blue windbreaker that he probably got in 1988 when the Jayhawks won a National Championship was a pretty clear indicator that this guy would die for Kansas basketball and was only there to give some hand-in-the-cookie-jar tips to Udoka Azubuike. He didn’t need a presence on the scene, he was just trying to help so KU doesn’t let him down again this year in the tourney.

Like I said, they could use the advice right about now

In the final 3:37 of the KU’s 85-80 loss to Oklahoma Tuesday night in Norman, Oklahoma decided to repeatedly foul Udoka Azubuike, sophomore center from Nigeria, in hopes he’d miss his free throws. And the strategy played out just like Oklahoma wanted.
Azubuike — shooting an abnormally low .375 from the free-throw line — went 1 for 8 in free-throw shooting for the game. In the final 3:37 he went 0 for 6.

Let’s see where KU ranks in the country for free throws

Not good!

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