LeBron's DM Girl Heidi Hoback Has Been On An IG Heater











Remember LeBron’s DM girl Heidi Hoback from back in November? LeBron wanted her to teach him how to hunt. Bron got all thirsty, then Heidi busted out the DMs and then, I assume, LeBron moved on to other inboxes. Heidi sorta went quiet for what seemed like six weeks, but she’s back and from what she’s been posting over the last couple weeks, LeBron might want to get back in those DMs and do some work to get the Cavs season straightened out.
Heidi is the redhead who fishes, shoots guns, hunts, pretty much everything outdoors that you guys love, but you can’t find a woman who appreciates these things in life. Or maybe you can find her, but she sure as hell doesn’t look like Heidi. You find yourself hitting up backwoods bars thinking a woman of Heidi’s caliber is magically going to show up on Thursday night after getting out of a bad marriage.
You think that she’ll be sitting at the bar nursing a Jack – no ice – as American Badass comes on and there will be an empty barstool next to her just inviting you in like God shining a light down from the heavens and leading you to the stool.
Get out there and find yourself a Heidi.


The DM from November:

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