LeBron Slides Into Heidi Hoback's DMs










LeBron was up in redhead Heidi Hoback’s DMs over on Instagram? NO WAY! Folks, of course the guy’s going to go IG huntin’. Have you seen how big of a disaster the Cavs are right now? Bron Bron needs to get his mind off of the proceedings and if that includes sliding in to get some hunting lessons from Heidi, then so be it. It’s not like he’s out here thirsty over a woman.
The guy clearly wants to learn some hunting skills.
Who is Heidi Hoback? She’s a redhead with 127k IG followers and these two DMs from the King. She claims, in a YouTube video that includes a great Snap filter, that she had no idea LeBron is married when the DMs were Snapped to her followers.

Heidi was forced – whatever – to release a video where she explains that she’s not racist (I guess people got bent out of shape over the first LeBron Snap. Blah, blah, blah. Let’s get down to business here. The one hunting is Bron Bron. Knows what he likes and doesn’t mind going the DM route. Love it.


[via Maxim]

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