Kendall Jenner Was in the House to See Blake Griffin Launch a Ball at a Ref

The last we heard of Blake Griffin and Kendall Jenner their relationship was “cooling off”, though still friendly. The latter certainly seems to be true as Kendall was back at Staples Center on Wednesday to watch Blake and the Clippers lose their third game in a row to the Celtics. [Insert Kardashian joke here]
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Besides being present there’s really no new news here between Blake and Kendall. However, E! does report that Kendall was super into the game and “scrunched her face” once like a real hoops fan — possibly after Blake further stomped on NBA player-referee relations by firing a terrible fastball and cursing at a referee?

With Kendall sorta back in the picture we suppose it’s worth monitoring this recent losing skid for Kurse reasons.

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