Genie Bouchard and Twitter Date John Goehrke Are On For Super Bowl LII

Having no worries about the second week of the Australian Open, Canadian Genie Bouchard went ahead and made some plans for Super Bowl weekend by agreeing to yet another date with John Goerhrke. You know, the guy who owes Tom Brady like everything he has for making this a thing.

NFL Canada asked Genie via Twitter if she and John would be down to go to Super Bowl LII β€” she was down for more PR:

OMG. Back to where it all began?! And with the @Patriots too?! I’m in! What do you say @punslayintwoods?

— Genie Bouchard (@geniebouchard) January 23, 2018

And there’s obviously no way John would turn down a free Super Bowl:

This keeps getting better. I’m in! 😜

— TW1 (@punslayintwoods) January 23, 2018

See you there! Thank you! πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ

— Genie Bouchard (@geniebouchard) January 23, 2018

Genie and John have hung out multiple times since their initial Bucks-Nets date at the Barclays Center last February. At the very worst for the Genie-John shippers the two clearly don’t mind each other’s company.