Genie Bouchard Went Out With Her Super Bowl Date Again

It appears Super Bowl Twitter guy John Goehrke actually hit the lottery with Genie Bouchard. No one expected these two to hang out again after their Bucks-Nets PR date in February, but here they are… still a thing. (Maybe.)

Last week, Genie got everyone excited when she dropped tweets with John on consecutive days — one with mistletoe action:

And today TMZ is reporting the two apparently had a beach date in Miami:

Well, that guy is looking like a freakin’ genius right now — ’cause the unlikely couple has been spotted together for a THIRD time … bustin’ out the bikinis and trunks for a beach date in Miami on Tuesday!!

Nothing to say here but kudos to John. While we were all fixed on the Super Bowl he had the impulse to propose a date to a stranger on Twitter — Tom Brady did Tom Brady things and now he’s three dates in.

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