Bernard Tomic Fails to Qualify For Australian Open, But Will Be Busy Counting His Millions

Australian tennis player Bernard Tomic, who once told a fan “I will put my balls in your mouth” at the US Open, is once again getting torched by tennis media after failing to qualify for the Australian Open. Tomic lost to unknown Italian Lorenzo Sonego in qualifier finals, but what has everyone all up in arms are his carefree postmatch comments in which he boasted about his many millions.

As you can see below, there may be no be run to the third round for Tomic, but he’s made like $13-14 million so it’s all good:

A smug Bernard Tomic has again boasted about his wealth, minutes after failing in his bid to play in this year's @AustralianOpen. #9News

— Nine News Melbourne (@9NewsMelb) January 14, 2018

“I just count money that’s all I do. I count my millions. You go do what I did. You go make $13-14 million. Good luck, buds.”

And when we say tennis media is pissed, we mean it — this dude went for the jugular and called him “the world’s No. 1 wanker” and “A-grade tool”:

“He’s ranked 142 in the world but he’s the world’s #1 w**ker”

Guessing @BenDavis74 doesn’t like Bernard Tomic all that much…

— Sunrise (@sunriseon7) January 14, 2018

We may love Tomic and his dickhead antics, but it’s a different story for pissed off Aussies:

Dear Bernard Tomic @BTomicOfficial , fuck off from Australia and stop representing us as a nation. We are a proud nation, with pride, honour , respect, grit and determination. You have none of the above. You are a spoilt, selfish,egotistical,ungrateful ugly cunt. Love Australia.

— Bouta (@BoutaNT1976) January 14, 2018

Bernard Tomic you are nothing but a spoiled brat. I couldn’t be happier you didn’t qualify. You count your millions while other Aussie players go on to great things. #moneyisnteverything #fuckwit

— Kath (@Kathblue) January 14, 2018

Bernard Tomic should never be allowed to represent this wonderful country of Australia ever again! What qualities does he have besides being an ungrateful, arrogant, stuck-up, ignorant, disrespectful wanker?

— Bookers (@bookers75) January 14, 2018

What an arrogant tool Bernard Tomic is. Spoilt brat syndrome

— 🐬🍓Sassy Leo🍓🐬 (@Loud_Lass) January 14, 2018