Maria Domark Is Crushin' IG, Ronaldo's Face Bloodied & Jalen Hurts Shreds The Dreads

Late Dump…was working on the basement…I guess you’ll want to watch the NFC title game. Maybe ESPN will bring on Screamin’ A. & Teddy Atlas to work the postgame show on Van Pelt’s SportsCenter. There’s also a couple of sorta late college basketball games to gamble on. Washington State-Utah at 8 on ESPNU should help you get even.
Maria Domark seems to be headed for big things on IG
Philly putting Crisco on light poles ahead of NFC title game
Cristiano Ronaldo’s face bloodied
Jalen Hurts shreds the dreads
James Jones picks Romo as his Comeback Player of the Year…this is good
Someone paid big money for a Heisman trophy
Florida Man with one arm crashes into Whataburger, blames disability
Here’s Sabrina from Florida

Cris Collinsworth When Tony Romo Uses “RPO” In A Sentence GIF of the Century

Burger of the Day

Buy Allen Iverson's Foreclosed Georgia House — $1.14 Million
Buy Allen Iverson's Foreclosed Georgia House — $1.14 Million
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