Amazon Is Currently Sold Out Of Creepy Dog Masks Thanks To Eagles Fans

Heading into the divisional round, the NFC’s #1 seeded Eagles were 3-point underdogs to Falcons at home in Philadelphia. There was a legitimate reason for that and it’s because the league’s MVP through 13 weeks, Wentzylvania, has a bum knee. It made sense that they were underdogs. We’re really going to make Nick Foles a playoff favorite?

The Eagles (mainly Lane Johnson and Chris Long) clearly took this personally and thanks to Steve Sarkisian’s trash bag play calling, they pulled off the upset at home and are now heading to the NFC Championship.

After the game, before the coaches could even shake hands, Lane Johnson had already broken out the creepy underdog mask and found a camera. Twitter lit up.

Fast forward to this morning, Kyle Scott from Crossing Broad tweeted out this link out for Eagles fans to get their very own creepy underdog mask for the NFC championship.

2 hours later, Amazon is fresh out. Eagles fans ran them totally dry. Now The Linc next week is just going to be a sea of dog faces. I don’t hate it.



I can already picture the tailgate now. Somebody is 100% going to beer bong through one of those.

Picture 70,000 of these next Sunday

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