James Harrison Plans On Crushing Leg Day And Watching Cartoons Instead Of The Steelers


The Patriots handled their business last night and did just about what all of us expected (unless you’re Sam Ponder) by putting an absolute beat down on the Titans. So today’s winner in the AFC divisional game between the Steelers and Jags will be the team that will have to travel to Foxboro next week.
One person who could give two shits about who he’s playing next week, and you probably could’ve guessed this without reading the title to this blog, is known grudge keeper James Harrison. He made it very clear last night that he will not be watching today’s game.

What’s he doing instead? Working out and watching cartoons, which I’m pretty sure he does every day already.

He says he’ll be moving up leg day to today. I can only hope he drops a few IGs during the game of him throwing crazy weight around and beasting it in the gym. Get that intimidation factor started early.


He only had 3 tackles last night…clearly he’s saving up for a 3 sack performance against Pittsburgh next week


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