Eagles Fan Shotguns Multiple Beers On Live TV


This afternoon is Philly’s first home playoff game in over 4 years, so this is the kind of behavior I wanted and expected out of Eagles fans at today’s tailgate. Somebody’s gotta produce the content around here now that we’re down to 8 teams. We know it’s not coming from Titans fans.

So, I expected them to be total animals and so far they’ve delivered, starting with this fan who pointed directly at America before shotgunning what looks like beer #2 on live TV. He knew exactly where the camera was and let it build for a moment for slamming that 2nd Miller away. Total showman.

But of course, he wasn’t going to stop at 2 beers… later, he put away beer #3 and #4

Remember, this was all on live television.



We’ve still yet to find videos of beer #1, but just know that it was safely delivered to that fan’s belly.

Also, It wasn’t just him getting weird behind the NFL Gameday set

His buddy next to him made sure everybody knew that he was drinking AND dipping this morning.

Some day I'll love something as much as this Eagles fan loves his dip. Never change, Philly. pic.twitter.com/Hx70nrhTB8

— Chris Mason (@ByChrisMason) January 13, 2018