Jay Ajayi Delayed By Flat Tire On The Way To Lincoln Financial


Jay Ajayi had a little problem today on the way to Lincoln Financial Field for a Divisional Round matchup with the Atlanta Falcons. Yep, that’s a flat tire on the driver’s side of his Mercedes.

“Pothole caught me slippin,” Ajayi says on the video that was posted around 12:30.

Look, it’s that time of year. Freeze/thaw/freeze cycle will cause those nasty potholes that are looking to buckle a low profile ride. I’m no car expert, but his Mercedes didn’t really stand a chance vs. a Philly pothole.

As for the bad juju, it would’ve been smart for the Falcons to put a curse on Ajayi. He ripped off 130 yards on 26 carries against Atlanta back on October 15 when he was still with the Dolphins.

It appears in the video as if Ajayi wasn’t the only one to flatten a tire…looks like trouble back there in the pull-off zone.

Ajayi made it to Lincoln Financial:

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