High School Basketball Ref Gets His Toupee Knocked Off Mid-Game

This balding ref’s worst nightmare came to life at a Kentucky high school basketball game this week when an errant outlet pass not only hit him in the back of his head as he was trotting down the sideline, but it also knocked off that beautiful blonde Trump toupee he was wearing as well.
This is what happens when you’re a high school basketball ref and also a guy who rocks a toupee in 2018. There’s a risk-reward¬†factor here. The risk is this happens and a whole gym laughs in your face, the reward is you have a sweet head of hair. Gotta take the good with the bad, buddy.
But listen, you have to respect the man for playing it about as cool as you possibly can. He didn’t freak out, he didn’t get embarrassed¬†(at least he didn’t show it, inside his world was probably crumbling to pieces), he just slowly walked over to his fake hair and put it back on like a hat. Let’s play ball.

If you can believe it, this isn’t this first time this has happened in sports…remember this one?


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