Yep, Bama Fans Got Ass Tats After Last Night's Win

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By: dj_smooth at tat205 ink….MONDAY LATE NIGHTER!

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Hell yeah Bama fans rushed out early this morning — like 2 a.m. CT or so — to get ass tats commemorating the 2018 national championship. It’s what Bama fans do. @dj_tats_tat205_ink laid down at least two Bama ass tats early this morning for guys who wanted to go into work this week with ass tats to show off to the other guys at work.
Here’s the problem I have: Where are the ass tats for the other titles? Where are the real Bama fans who have five Nattys inked on their asses? Not that I want to see a guy’s ass, but I do want to see if there’s someone out there who will fill up his ass cheeks with natty tats. Maybe even a Saban face.
I’m talking a real Bama fan. It’s not that impressive to go get your ass tatted in a drunken stupor at 2 a.m. after Tua saved the season. I need to see dedication. I need to see something similar to this guy:

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