Alabama LB Mekhi Brown Punches Georgia Player, Tries to Go After a Coach on Sideline

Alabama linebacker Mekhi Brown probably earned himself an indefinite stay in Nick Saban’s doghouse (if not worse) after melting down late in the third quarter of tonight’s National Championship game.

Brown’s first offense was potentially ejectable, as he delivered a left hand to Georgia’s Walter Grant to earn an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. He was promptly chewed out by Saban while walking back to Bama’s sideline:

Mekhi Brown is gonna have to run back to Tuscaloosa if he keeps it up

— CFB Gif'er (@CFBgifer) January 9, 2018

For whatever reason, Brown stayed hot and attempted to go after a coach before getting held back by his teammates:

Someone tell #48 to chill

— gifdsports (@gifdsports) January 9, 2018

Pray for this guy’s scholarship.