Incensed Chiefs Fan Torched His Alex Smith Jersey After Brutal Loss to Titans

For most Chiefs fans, the person to blame (besides the refs) after their latest postseason horror show is Andy Reid. Big Red had his squad up 21-3 at half against a Mike Mularkey-coached team and still sh*t the bed somehow. Sure, Travis Kelce was concussed and that clearly hindered the offense in the second half, but come on, maybe give Kareem Hunt more than five carries? Just spitballing here.

However! Not everyone is pointing the finger at Big Red. As you can see above, one fan believes Alex Smith, who threw for 264 yards and two touchdowns, doesn’t have what it takes to lead the Chiefs all the way, and cut ties in classic angry fan fashion with a postgame jersey burning. His family really didn’t want him to do it, but you can’t stop stupid.

More fan action from the Wild Card Round: