Dawgs Fan Chance Got His Dad Tickets To National Championship Game


I figured we would see quite a few moments like this one out of BC follower Chance where he got his dad tickets to the national championship game. Think about this: zero travel costs besides some parking and $19.80 in gas. Even if you drop $2,500 on a pair of tickets, that’s not the end of the world situation. I was probably a couple grand in when I went to see Ohio State win the national championship and that was just for myself.

Chance and dad will be home and in their own beds by the end of the night.

StubHub seems to be sitting at $1,500 as the get-in price, but you have to figure there are Dawgs fans helping out Dawgs fans who’ve been waiting for this moment over the last 37 or so years.

Yes, that’s a dog making the pig sounds:

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