Rams Granny Enjoyed Some Legal Marijuana at The Coliseum

Surprisingly the best fan content from the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum doesn’t involve trashy Rams fans pounding on each other after a very disappointing loss. Nope. It’s far and away the LIT Rams fan grandma above taking advantage of Cali’s legal weed by hitting a joint with some youths. We’re going to go ahead and assume more tree was prevalent when Snoop Dogg and his bandwagon ass hit the field for the halftime show.

Notou uma fumaça no campo antes do começo do terceiro quarto de Rams x Falcons? Foi o show do Snoop Dogg no intervalo da partida! pic.twitter.com/zZ2hStWC9r

— FA Hoje (@FAHoje) January 7, 2018

Oh, and in case you’re wondering there was action beyond stoned grandma. Here’s video of Rams and Falcons fans beefing in the stands… someone ended up taking a beer bath:

Until next year, Rams fans.