Bo Scarbrough Reportedly Drops “F Trump” Before National Championship Game

Alabama RB Bo Scarbrough yells “F— Trump” before tonight’s title game.

— Sporting News (@sportingnews) January 9, 2018

Well, we officially have a story that both sides of the political debate will be fighting over in the morning. Alabama running back Bo Scarbrough is reportedly the one in this video who yells “f–k Trump” as Alabama heads towards the Mercedes Benz Stadium field.

One side will be fighting over that while the other side will be fighting, debating amongst themselves over Trump possibly having trouble with the anthem.

In other words, today was just like yesterday and the day before. Pick your side, argue on your social media of choice. I’ll just be over here trying to survive the Snowmageddon that’s supposed to hit on Friday.

Trump doesn’t know the words to the anthem??

— adam ferrone (@_rone) January 9, 2018