Rick Pitino Calls Pitt Coach Kevin Stallings ‘A Jackass’


Rick Pitino has found himself back in the news this week and it’s a perfect Pitino story for a downtime in the college basketball season. Earlier this week, Pitt coach Kevin Stallings dropped the ultimate comeback to some heckling Lousiville fans during a game saying “at least we don’t pay our players $100,000”. This line obviously worked because nothing cuts deeper than straight truth.

He sort of later apologized.

The story could’ve died there, but of course it didn’t because ole 15 second Rick just HAD to respond, even though he is no longer the head coach at Louisville and is actually currently getting sued by the school.

He kept his response short and simple and to the point, though.

College basketball (and us bloggers) already misses Pitino so it’s nice that’s he still getting in the¬†mix and fighting with other coaches during the season even though he’s out of a job.

Pitino to Cincy?


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