Bill Belichick Casually Wore Cut-Off Sleeves And Shorts For Warmups In 10-Degree Weather


The guy we like to call “Hoodie” decided he’ll skip out on the hoodie today in Foxboro even though temperatures are hovering somewhere between 10-15 degrees this morning.

Bill casually strolled out onto the Gillette field in some shorts and sweatshirt with the sleeves cut off to take in the conditions, get a feel for things. He did make sure to wear a pair of gloves, though, just in case.

It’s actually a smart move here from Bill because now any Pats players who even thought about wearing sleeves under their pads today just had the decision made for them.

Also, any theories of Belichick being a robot were just confirmed.

Temps won’t get over 13 degrees today

He’s already got the mind games going too

Bud Grant probably would’ve gone shirtless

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