Uga X Has Made His Way To Pasadena For The Rose Bowl


The best mascot in all of sports (yeah, I said it), live or human, has made his way to California for the Rose Bowl tomorrow and he flew in coach just like rest of us schlubs would. Luckily, he’s a 60-pound bulldog that most likely got pampered for the entire 5.5-hour flight.

The last time Georgia played in a Rose Bowl was in 1943. As you’d expect, the dog didn’t make the trip. This will be the first time ever that UGA’s live mascot will be chilling on the sidelines in Pasadena.

Obviously, he was the star of the flight.

Find me another mascot that grabs the attention of an entire plane cabin like Uga does. The dog just lives and breathes charisma. Meanwhile, I guarantee all he’s been thinking about is that giant ice bag he gets to sit on tomorrow afternoon.

Of course, he got his own seat

I think he handled the flight well.

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