Austin Rivers Says People Are Sleeping On Him and Lou Williams

Austin Rivers is one of the many reasons why the Clippers are still fighting for a playoff spot. Shocking, I know, since Internet commenters would lead you to believe he only plays because his daddy is the coach, but the guy is averaging 16 points and shooting over 40 percent from three. You might remember him cooking James Harden and the Rockets last week for 36 points:

His backcourt mate, Lou Williams, has also helped keep the Clippers afloat during this stretch with a solid 20-30 points each game. He’s basically the team’s new, but more efficient, version of Jamal Crawford and it’s been wondrous.

These two have done the job, and Austin made sure to point that out on Instagram with a post that the keyboard warriors will absolutely feast on, “Put this filter in slumber….cause they sleeping on us…. 💤 “:

Among the responses to this very confident IG:

“The only reason u get to play is bc your dad is the coach”

“U only get playing time bc ur dad is the coach”