Blake Griffin Reportedly Returning From His MCL Sprain Early… What Could Go Wrong?

Here’s some news that definitely won’t backfire on the historically cursed LA Clippers: Blake Griffin is very close to returning from the MCL sprain he suffered in November. Initial reports pegged him to be out at least until mid-late January, but the LA Times’ Brad Turner reports Blake could play Friday against the Lakers:

Rivers said Griffin “actually could” play in Friday night’s game against the Lakers at Staples Center.

Griffin has now been out 14 games rehabilitating a sprained medial collateral ligament in his left knee.

Before the Clippers played the Sacramento Kings at home Tuesday night, Rivers was asked what L.A. has missed since Griffin went down Nov. 27 against the Lakers.

“Offensively, you just miss so much of what he can do and all the other stuff,” Rivers said. “But he’s really close. Will he play tonight? No. Will he play next game? He actually could. So he’s that close.”

We knew Blake was doing well given that he’s been running and shooting recently, but as a longtime fan this almost seems too good to be true. Weird and fluke injuries are the Clippers’ thing, now the face of the franchise and his suspect knee are making a surprise return in the hopes of snagging a 7 or 8 seed? Color me skeptical (but still excited)!