Austin Rivers

Austin Rivers Engaged to Brittany Hotard Outside of mangling Blake Griffin’s knee (accidentally, of course), it’s been a solid start to the holidays for Clippers guard Austin Rivers. He’s played decent ball during the team’s three-game winning streak,...

Nov 28, 2017

Feb 22, 2015

Austin Rivers Is The Clippers' Team Little Brother

“Awww. Look how cute Austin Rivers is, talking to the media after scoring his career-high 28 points. Let’s go play in the background of the camera shot and make him feel super awkward.” Rivers hit 11 of 19 shots last...

Mar 10, 2012

Duke’s Quinn Cook Posterizes FSU Players On Three Point Play [VIDEO]

Duke's Quinn Cook drove to the basket against multiple FSU defenders and made an absolutely outstanding basket even though he was fouled. This all went down in the semifinals of the ACC Tournament where the FSU Seminoles took on the Duke Blue Devils. North Carolina fans watched in the crowd to see which team they would play in the ACC championship game. Photos and video after the JUMP!

Feb 9, 2012

22 NSFW F**K Duke Twitter Bombs After Last Night’s Thriller

This one is for the left coasters that are just now getting up for work. The rest of us have already seen SportsCenter at least 4-5 times. Missed the UNC-Duke game? We'll spoil it for you. Austin Rivers, yes Doc's son, drained an NBA triple at the buzzer to give the Dookies an 85-84 victory. Of course that sent the Duke haters into a Twitter frenzy. And, of course, they went on an Uncle Tom themed rampage. Feel the rage! JUMP!

Feb 8, 2012

Duke-UNC Night: Callie Rivers Is Dating UNC Guard Dexter Strickland [PHOTOS]

Duke plays North Carolina in basketball tonight, renewing one of the best rivalries in college basketball. While most everyone has a clear rooting interest, at least one person doesn't -- Doc Rivers' daughter Callie. That's because she's dating injured UNC guard Dexter Strickland and her brother, Austin, plays for Duke. What to do? We're pretty sure she'll support both players and we're also pretty sure she'll look hot doing it. Here are some photos for you to judge. Check it!